What Is A Free Arm Sewing Machine When To Use It


When purchasing a new sewing machine, there are lots of features to consider. One of those is whether to get a free arm sewing machine.

A free arm sewing machine is one where the bed of the sewing machine is suspended in the air. A tube of fabric, like a sleeve, can be slid over the free arm.

A sewing machine free arm is used when sewing fabric that’s in the round.

When should I use a sewing machine free arm?

It makes it easier the guide the fabric under the needle and makes it less likely you’ll catch other parts of the garment accidentally.

– Hemming sleeves and the bottom of pants – Adding cuffs to sleeves and pant legs. – Attaching sleeves

Some examples of when to use a free arm are:

– Sewing small items such as doll and baby clothes (although some may be too small to fit around the free arm). – Mending clothes, such as the knees on pants – you can slide the clothing over the free arm.

Most modern sewing machines have a free arm. There are two things to look at when choosing a free arm sewing machine.

How to choose a free arm sewing machine

• “diameter” of the free arm – this determines the smallest size circle that can be sewn with the free arm. • length of the free arm – this determines how much fabric you can slide over the free arm.

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