Sewing Pins vs Clips

Which is better?

Some swear by sewing clips, while others prefer pins. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages and work out which one you should use!

What's so good about sewing clips?

Sewing clips are easy to use. Slide them under the edge of the fabric to clip in position, with no bumps or ripples in the fabric.

Sewing clips don’t leave holes in your fabric

Sewing clips don’t snag delicate fabrics, causing runs.

What's so good about sewing clips?

– Clips don’t bend, unlike pins   – Clips won’t stab you (& hurt less when you step on one!). – It's impossible to sew over a clip (unlike a pin) and damage your sewing machine or serger

Great, so clips are the way to go then?

Aaah, no, they have a few disadvantages...

– Clips aren't as accurate as pins when lining up dart or pattern marks. – Fabric can shift  if the clips get caught on something or when stretching or easing layers of fabric or elastic.

What's the downside of sewing clips?

– Sewing clips are bulkier, which can  stretch your fabric.  – Clips must be removed before the fabric goes under the presser foot. The fabric can then shift, particularly on curves or corners.

I have both clips and pins in my sewing supplies. 

Pins for precision, curves and when stretching or easing layers of fabric.  Clips for speed, multiple layers or when I don't want holes.