Gorgeous DIY Flower Crown for a fairy princess

Christmas is getting close, and I love to have a homemade Christmas present or two under the Christmas tree. The Best Christmas Toy Sewing Patterns Blog Tour was the perfect excuse to sew a special toy for one of my kids! The blog tour is based on the blog post Best Homemade Toys to Make for Christmas Presents, and is sponsored by Phat Quarters and Seamingly Smitten! Check out the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

Best homemade toy sewing patterns for Christmas presents blog tour

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My daughter received a fairy door for her birthday, and so we now have a fairy living with us. Isabel writes notes for my daughter and leaves fairy dust and the occasional gift. My daughter is obsessed with all things fairies, so the fairy crown from Rebecca Page is the perfect gift for her!

Beautiful DIY Felt Fairy crown sewing pattern for girls

I thought it would be nice for Isabel to leave a present for my daughter on Christmas day, and this DIY Floral Crown would be a wonderful gift. Unfortunately, my daughter caught me sewing the flowers - don't you hate it when the kids come out of the bedrooms at night. To get around this, I pretended I was just making the flowers for fun. Last night, Isabel left a note saying she'd taken the flowers for a surprise, and she hoped I didn't mind. Phew, hopefully, I'll get away with this!

Fun Woodland style flower headband for kids costumes

Now, onto the pattern review. This sewing pattern is basically a tutorial for making three different kinds of felt flowers - rosette, pompom flower and a combination of the two, and there are printable templates for three different sizes of each, along with two styles of leaves. There are limited step-by-step photos and the final construction of the crown just refers you to look at the final photos to put it together. The product photos on the pattern page show a few different styles that different people have made, so I used one of them for inspiration. 

Fairytale headdress for princesses, elves and faeries

I made each flower in two different sizes and different colours using the felt I had in my stash - I used some wool felt and some acrylic felt. I cut the rosette flower templates out using my Brother Scan'n'Cut, and hand-stitched the flowers (you could use a hot glue gun if you prefer), but I used my hot glue gun for the final construction of the crown, mainly because I had everything laid out just the way I wanted and I wasn't confident I'd be able to sew it together just the way I wanted. 

DIY felt fairy crown - pretty fantasy fairy costume ideas for girls

Overally, the DIY floral crown was an easy sew and it turned out very pretty. I was hoping for a few more in process photos and details for laying out the flowers for the crown, but the pattern is only $4.50 (USD), so it's still good value. The pattern also includes an elf leaf crown and a fairy wand (my daughter has enough fairy wands, and I didn't have the time or energy to make another!

DIY felt fairy crown for princesses, elves and faeries. Make a beautiful woodland style flower headband. It's a fun fairy costume headdress for girls for Halloween or just a fairytale dress up gift idea. My kids will feel like a fairy queen while wearing this!

I can't wait to see the look on my daughter's face when she gets her DIY Floral Crown from her fairy on Christmas Day. I won't be able to take the credit, but I know she'll love it!

The DIY Christmas Toy Blog Tour based on the blog post Best Homemade Toys to Make for Christmas Presents is so mcuh fun! Please visit all the wonderful bloggers on our tour to get more toy ideas for your little ones!

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