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Pressing tools to take your sewing to the next level

Pressing is an important part of sewing and is necessary to give your projects a professional finish. With the right pressing tools, you’ll be able to press seams with ease, remove pesky wrinkles from fabric, and make sure everything looks crisp before moving on to the next step in your project. Some people think a

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Sewing oilcloth: how-to, tips and tricks

What is Oilcloth? Oilcloth is a durable, washable, cloth-like material made from woven cotton. It derives its name from the use of linseed and soya oils in its preparation (linoleum). Oilcloth was originally made by treating canvas fabric with multiple coats of linseed oil. The cloth was first introduced in France by Emile Jungen in

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Unscrewing the needle when changing a sewing machine needle

How to change a sewing machine needle

Sewing machine needles need to be changed regularly and are a consumable item when sewing. It can be daunting when it’s your first time, but it becomes a quick and easy task after you’ve done it a few times. Here’s when and how to change a sewing machine needle (watch the video or keep scrolling

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Sewing machine showing the free arm

What is a free arm sewing machine (and when to use it!)

When purchasing a new sewing machine, there are lots of features to consider. One of those is whether to get a free arm sewing machine. Here’s everything you need to know about sewing machine free arms: What is the free arm of a sewing machine? A free arm sewing machine is one where the bed

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Fabric with overlay of the back of a pattern envelope and text "all about fabric nap"

Everything you needed to know about Fabric Nap

After you’ve been sewing a while, you might be tempted to explore different types of fabrics. One thing to consider is the direction or nap of a fabric. Here’s everything you need to know about fabric nap. What is nap in sewing? The dictionary definition of nap is: the surface of a piece of cloth such as velvet, consisting of short threads that have been brushed in

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Bottle of white vinegar, spray bottle and iron sitting on creased fabric

How to remove fold marks from fabric

That fold line on a bolt of quilting cotton can be so stubborn. You can press and steam to your heart’s content and that line will NOT go away. Today’s tip is all about how to remove fold marks from fabric (and stubborn creases too!). Watch the video or scroll down to read my tips:

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Serger Troubleshooting Guide: Quickly fix your serger woes

I love sewing with my serger. It’s fast and the finish looks so professional. But when things go wrong, it can be difficult to know where to start serger troubleshooting. Here’s what to check when things go wrong with your serger: Here’s what to check when things go wrong with your serger: 1. Is the

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Fabric Marking Tools for perfect sewing!

After you’ve cut out your sewing patterns, the next step is to transfer the pattern markings. This is an important step in making sure your sewing project comes together perfectly. Let’s find out all about fabric marking tools! Quick tip: always test your fabric marking tool on a scrap of fabric before you start. Different fabrics can react

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Sewing Clips vs Pins: which should I use (and when)?

While sewing pins have been around for hundreds of years, there’s a new kid on the block – sewing clips. With every change, there is a debate of whether out-school is best or is the new thing an improvement. Sewing clips vs pins – which is better? When should you use clips? When should you

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14 Ideas for How to Get Your “Sew-Jo” Back

Do you go through periods where you just stop sewing? You love sewing and have a million projects you want to make, but just can’t bring yourself to sew anything. You look at your fabric stash and patterns, and nothing inspires. You know once you start sewing, you’ll love it, but still… nothing. You’ve lost

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Organise your sewing with the best sewing planners, from bullet journals to hard cover journals, pdf printable templates to an online sewing database.

Keep track of your projects with Sewing Planners

How do you keep track of all your sewing projects – both the ones in your head and the ones you’ve already completed? If you’re anything like me, you’ve got the next 40 or so sewing projects floating around in your head (along with the piles of fabric floating around your sewing space), and it’s

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Adjustable-Binding-Foot (8)-001

How to use a binding foot

Sew perfect binding every time with an adjustable binding foot. An easy tutorial with lots of tips here for how to use a binding foot for quilting or clothes. I’ll never sew bias binding another way after using this cheap tool that’s available for most sewing machines, including Janome, Brother and Bernina. 

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Sew Quick Quicker Quickest A Craftsy Class Review (2)

Sew Quick, Quicker, Quickest: A Craftsy class review

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to complete 12 sewing classes, and I’m on track (ok, it’s less than a month in, but let’s focus on the positives!). Since I didn’t have a particular project to sew, I started with Sew Quick, Quicker, Quickest: Time-Saving Techniques with Sue Hausmann on Craftsy Who teaches Sew

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Setting sewing goals for 2017

As I sit down at my sewing machine, I feel calm. I feel like I’m in my happy space. I’m creating something and I love the feeling that it creates. But too often, I don’t take the time to sew. I have piles of fabric sitting in my cupboard, just waiting. Piles of unrealised happiness.

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Fabric stash (1)

Is your fabric stash stifling your creativity?

Just before we moved overseas, I had some tough decisions to make. We only had a small freight allowance and most of our stuff was going into storage or getting sold/given away. And my fabric stash and craft supplies didn’t miss the cull. As I looked at each piece of fabric in my stash, I asked

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Sew, Snip, Press - a mantra for sewing

A Mantra for Sewing

Sewing has a certain routine to it. When I’m sewing away, this little mantra pops into my head: Sew, snip, pressSew, snip, press First I sew my seams. Then I snip my threads. Lastly, I press my seams. Following this mantra creates a professional finish to my clothes. I’m not left with a million thread

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