The Most Adorable Giraffe sewing patterns

If you know a kid who loves giraffes and why not create a unique, hand-stitched stuffed animal? It’s hard to find the perfect stuffed animal when your child loves something different to the norm. Giraffes are tall and elegant or gangly and awkward but definitely have a certain charm. Who wouldn’t want a cute and

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Collage of stuffed elephant sewing patterns

Never forget with the best Elephant Sewing Patterns

With their long trunks, big ears, and loping way of walking around, there’s something fascinating about elephants. Whether you’re looking for something to help you remember, or you have a stuffed mouse looking for something to frighten, here are my favourite stuffed elephant sewing patterns: Elephant toy sewing patterns This fabric elephant pattern from RicRac

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Get spooky with Bat Sewing Patterns

Halloween is looking to be different this year, but that’s a great excuse to create some Halloween decorations for your home. Here are the best bat sewing patterns, from spooky-scary to spooky-cute (okay, mostly cute!): Big ears, tiny wings and a cute little nose – the bat plush toy from Chebeto Shop is so adorable. The Bat

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Cute Sewing Patterns to make you smile

In challenging times, sometimes you just need a cute sewing pattern to make you smile. Here are my favourite adorable sewing projects. These days, I’m looking for distraction, searching for something to make me smile and take my mind off the events of the world. Sewing is a great way to keep myself busy, and

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Stuffed Dog Patterns

As I was sitting here, searching for the best stuffed dog patterns, I’ve had the song “Dogs are the best people” by The Fauves stuck in my head (and I have no idea when the last time I heard that song was!). My son loves a dog plushie. I have no idea how many are

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Adorable Boy Doll Sewing Patterns

There are lots of cute girly doll toys and patterns out there, but what about the boys? Whether the little boy in your life wants to play make-believe with a toy that looks just like him, or your daughter wants a little boy for her girly dolls to play with, here are the most adorable

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No drama, just Llama sewing patterns

Whilst they haven’t quite overtaken unicorns (especially in this house!), llamas are all rage at the moment. There’s something adorable about their face, and well the name is fun to rhyme with pyjama and drama. Get into the llama trend with these fun llama sewing patterns: Felt Llama Patterns The adorable felt llama sewing pattern from

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Who can resist these sweet Sloth Sewing Patterns?

When I was a kid, sloths were just slow lazy animals from the other side of the world. Thanks to the internet and social media, I’ve discovered the cute, smiley face of sloths and just how cute baby sloths can be. So why not sew your own sloth with this collection of sloth sewing patterns!

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DIY felt fairy crown - pretty fantasy fairy costume ideas for girls

Gorgeous DIY Flower Crown for a fairy princess

My daughter received a fairy door for her birthday, and so we now have a fairy living with us. Isabel writes notes for my daughter and leaves fairy dust and the occasional gift. My daughter is obsessed with all things fairies, so the fairy crown from Rebecca Page is the perfect gift for her! I

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Get Hopping with Easter Bunny Patterns to Sew

Spring is in the air and it won’t be long until a certain Easter bunny will be hopping through our yards, leaving chocolate surprises for kids and adults around the world.  Both my kids were given stuffed Easter bunnies for their first Easter. Now they are 6 and 8, it’s nice to get them out for

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How to sew a quilted Snakes and Ladders playmat

Have you been following along with Sew Ready to Play at I’m Feelin’ Crafty? It’s a fun series with sewing projects inspired by board games (and other childhood games).  Pokemon has been a popular one in the series this year, but I’m going old school – back to basics – the classic board game… Snakes

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Felt Doll Sewing Patterns (1)

Fabulous felt doll sewing patterns for everyone

Store-bought dolls these days are so blegh! Over-the-top make-up, unrealistic body shapes, and ridiculous clothing – not what I want my little girl to aspire to. I’d much rather sew felt dolls for my kids (yes, my son has felt dolls too!). They have such simplicity and character, and are perfect for little kids to play

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Felt Apple Pie (3)

How to sew a felt apple pie

My daughter wanted to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood for fairy tale day at school. I still have a class photo from fairy tale day at school when I was the same age. Unfortunately, I was one of three kids off to the side who forgot to dress up! I’m not going to

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Crazy Cute Sock Toy Sewing Patterns

Last week I shared some fabulous patterns for sewing your own socks. If your sock drawer is overflowing, turn some of those socks into sock toys. There are a lot more options out there than just sock monkeys these days. Here are some of my favourite patterns for sewing a toy from a sock.  

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Mermaid Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

Mermaid sewing inspiration

What girl doesn’t love the idea of being a mermaid? Swimming through the water with grace. Enjoying a life under the sea.  My daughter loves all things mermaid, thanks to The Little Mermaid and the Barbie Mermaid Tale movies. Here are my favourite mermaid sewing patterns and tutorials: 1. The Hand-embroidered mermaid pattern from Green Bean

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