12 Stunning Christmas tree skirt sewing patterns

A Christmas tree skirt is a decorative fabric placed under the Christmas tree. It hides the Christmas tree stand and looks pretty under the tree before all the presents get placed! It’s also a great way to collect up the pine needles if you have a real tree. Whether you’re trying to hide the stand

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DIY Felt Mistletoe tutorial : Quick and Easy Christmas crafts

Kisses under the mistletoe – it’s a holiday tradition, but what if you can’t find any mistletoe? Make your own DIY felt mistletoe, of course! I don’t need an excuse to kiss my (not-so) baby girl, but a mistletoe hairclip adds a bit of fun to her holiday outfits. Whether you make a hairclip or ornament, here’s

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Sweetest Christmas Angel sewing patterns

What do you put at the top of your Christmas tree – a star or an angel? It’s always been an angel in my family. Whatever you prefer, there’s always room for an angel as part of your Christmas decorations. Here’s a great collection of Christmas angel sewing patterns, from ornaments to dolls and tree

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Santa Claus patterns to sew

We’re heading into the festive season and I’m always looking for ways to add to my holiday decor. Father Christmas plays a big part in our Christmas traditions, so I love the idea of sewing up a Father Christmas doll pattern for the kids to play with (and me to enjoy seeing him sitting underneath

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Merriest Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Sewing Projects to decorate your home

Each year, when it’s time to put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house, I’m filled with joy as I pull out my handmade Christmas decorations. They bring back wonderful memories of Christmases gone by. There are always decorations I’ve forgotten about and the memories come flooding back. (It also gives me a chance

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Cutest Christmas Reindeer Sewing Patterns_SQ

Make your Christmas glow with 21 Reindeer sewing patterns

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is absolutely my favourite Christmas song. I can relate to being a little different and people not really understanding me. I didn’t have quite as dramatic a moment of finding my place in the world, but I’m so much happier being a part of the sewing community and finding a place

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Festive Christmas Cross Stitch Patterns SQ

Festive Christmas Cross-stitch Patterns

I have to be the slowest cross-stitcher ever, so I need to start early if I’m going to get a cross-stitch project finished by Christmas (I’ve been working on my current cross-stitch project for more than a year!). Now I’m debating whether I should have some cross-stitch frames to decorate the walls or stitch some

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Merriest Christmas Ornaments

11 Merriest Christmas Ornament Sewing Patterns

Decorating the Christmas tree is such a special family tradition. Getting the ornaments out of the box, and remembering Christmases gone by. In our family, each family member has special Christmas ornaments that they hang on the tree. Every year, we add to our ornament collection. Handmade Christmas ornaments give a special touch. You can

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Cutest Christmas Elf Sewing patterns_SQ

Cutest Christmas Elf sewing patterns

Christmas is right around the corner. Whether you’re looking to sew your own Elf on a Shelf, a fun Christmas decoration or a cute toy for the kids, start your Christmas sewing projects with this collection of the best Christmas elf sewing patterns: Christmas Elf Doll sewing patterns Jingle Elf from My Country Nest is the

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