30+ Fun Sewing enamel pins (and Quilting pins too!)

Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your denim jacket or create a cute display in your sewing room, here are the cutest sewing enamel pins. Enamel pins are a great stocking stuffer or little gift for someone who loves to sew (or maybe a treat for yourself!). Some are funny, some a

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Cute Sewing Pattern Weights | Gifts for Sewists

Don’t waste time pinning patterns to your fabric (which damages the fabric). Save time by holding the fabric and patterns in position with these cute pattern weights. They’re also a great gift ideas for people who sew! This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase from these links, Threadistry may receive a small commission at no

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Ultimate Gift Guide: 100+ Gifts for Sewers

Are you looking for gifts for people who sew? Or are you the one who sews and are looking for ideas for what to add to your Christmas or birthday list? I’ve rounded up the best gifts for sewers (that’s sew-ers, not the pipes that carry, ahem, drainage water and waste matter!). You’ll never be

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Sewing Craft Kits: gift ideas for sewists

While there are a million and one things you can buy someone who sews, it’s hard to know what they want. Sending them to the craft store with a list can be intimidating to the non-sewer. Sewing craft kits make a great gift idea for sewists. A little package with the fabric and pattern for

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I love my daughter's dollhouse, but it needs a sewing room. Lucky I have a spare shelf in my sewing room. I love the ideas for how to make a miniature sewing room, complete with tiny sewing machine, ironing board, thread spools, pin cushions, a dress form and more accessories. Fun DIY inspiration from Etsy for the home and a great gift idea for Christmas or birthday for someone who loves to sew.

Create an amazing miniature sewing display

Do you collect anything? My Mum used to collect crystal and glass figurines. When Christmas came around, it was always easy to find something to add to Mum’s collection. Each year, we’d watch her collection grow and remember who gave her which one and why. I don’t have a collection of my own (unless you

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