Sewing oilcloth: how-to, tips and tricks

What is Oilcloth? Oilcloth is a durable, washable, cloth-like material made from woven cotton. It derives its name from the use of linseed and soya oils in its preparation (linoleum). Oilcloth was originally made by treating canvas fabric with multiple coats of linseed oil. The cloth was first introduced in France by Emile Jungen in

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Fabric with overlay of the back of a pattern envelope and text "all about fabric nap"

Everything you needed to know about Fabric Nap

After you’ve been sewing a while, you might be tempted to explore different types of fabrics. One thing to consider is the direction or nap of a fabric. Here’s everything you need to know about fabric nap. What is nap in sewing? The dictionary definition of nap is: the surface of a piece of cloth such as velvet, consisting of short threads that have been brushed in

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Fave Fabric Friday: Hollywood Pixies

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase from these links,Threadistry may receive a commission at no cost to you. I know it’s only Easter, but is it too early to be thinking about Christmas? For this week’s Fave Fabric Friday, I’m in love with Hollywood Pixies that has just been released by Michael Miller:

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Fave Fabric Friday: Sevenberry Petite Garden Lawn

It’s time for Fave Fabric Friday again, and after making a dress for myself in the lovely lightest of cotton, I’m on the search for more pretty dress fabrics. I’m not really a fan of floral prints and generally prefer geometric designs, but Petite Garden in Lawn by Sevenberry for Robert Kaufman Fabrics caught my

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Fave Fabric Friday: True Love by Libs Elliott

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase from these links, Threadistry may receive a commission at no cost to you. This week for Fave Fabric Friday I went in search of fabrics for my 9-year-old son. I don’t have any projects in particular in mind, but I have a mountain of fabrics in my

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Fave Fabric Friday: Ella & Ollie

My daughter is a girly-girl – she loves pink and purple, fairies and unicorns. But sewing pink and purple all the time can get boring, and I like to break away from the stereotypes occasionally. Browsing online in Fat Quarter Shop, Ella & Ollie by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda Fabrics caught my eye. Ella

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Free Range twill chicken fabric from P Kaufmann

Fave Fabric Friday: Chicken fabrics

It’s time for another Fave Fabric Friday, and this week, it’s going to be a bit random. My 9-year-old son loves chickens. I don’t know why. We don’t have chickens (although there used to be a couple at our old school – Google and Bing, but today, I’m pecking around for chicken fabric. Surprisingly (well

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Fave Fabric Friday: Hoffman Digital Shine 2018 Challenge

It’s time for another Fave Fabric Friday. This time I was browsing the new releases on Fabric.com and spotted Shine On! from the Hoffman Spectrum Digital Print collection of fabrics.  This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase from these links, Threadistry may receive a commission at no cost to you. This fabric collection is

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Rosebud Minky fabric in colour orchid from Michael Miller Fabrics

Fave Fabric Friday: Rosebud Minky

Fave Fabric Friday is a snugglier option this week: Rose minky. Rose minky is a fun textured fabric with a pile in a subtle rosette pattern. It’s soft and snuggly and perfect for blankets or the backing of quilts. It’s a bit more interesting and girly than plain minky or minky dots, and adds a wow

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Fave Fabric Friday: Suzy’s Minis 2

It’s Fave Fabric Friday again, and this time a fun quilting cotton collection has caught my eye: Suzy’s Minis 2 by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufman: This is a cute collection of 8 miniature prints, with all but one coming in 3 different colourways – the cats come in four colourways. Aside from cats, there

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Fave Fabric Friday: Unicorns, flowers and glitter!

It’s Fave Fabric Friday again, and this week the fabric is all about my 7-year-old daughter. She’s such a girly girl and loves everything to do with fairies, unicorns and magic. When I spotted these fabrics in the Peekaboo fabric shop, I knew my daughter would instantly fall in love! Isn’t it gorgeous? First up,

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Fave Fabric Friday: But First, Coffee

I love fabric! Everyone who knows me knows I love fabric. Since you’re here, I’m guessing you do too! I could spend hours (without kids!) wandering around fabric stores, touching all the fabric and dreaming about what I could make. When I can’t make it to a fabric store, I satisfy my craving by browsing

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