What is a fat quarter in sewing

When visiting the fabric store for supplies for your next sewing project, it’s easy to be drawn to the display of brightly coloured fat quarters. But what is a fat quarter and when would you use one? What is a fat quarter? A fat quarter is a pre-cut quarter of a yard of fabric, but

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Most magical Unicorn sewing patterns

Unicorn stuffed animals are the perfect way to make your child feel like they’re living in a magical world. They can cuddle with their favorite unicorn and take it everywhere they go. It’s so cute! And now, you can sew one yourself using these unicorn sewing patterns. You don’t need any special skills or tools

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30+ Fun Sewing enamel pins (and Quilting pins too!)

Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your denim jacket or create a cute display in your sewing room, here are the cutest sewing enamel pins. Enamel pins are a great stocking stuffer or little gift for someone who loves to sew (or maybe a treat for yourself!). Some are funny, some a

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The Most Adorable Giraffe sewing patterns

If you know a kid who loves giraffes and why not create a unique, hand-stitched stuffed animal? It’s hard to find the perfect stuffed animal when your child loves something different to the norm. Giraffes are tall and elegant or gangly and awkward but definitely have a certain charm. Who wouldn’t want a cute and

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Pressing tools to take your sewing to the next level

Pressing is an important part of sewing and is necessary to give your projects a professional finish. With the right pressing tools, you’ll be able to press seams with ease, remove pesky wrinkles from fabric, and make sure everything looks crisp before moving on to the next step in your project. Some people think a

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Sewing oilcloth: how-to, tips and tricks

What is Oilcloth? Oilcloth is a durable, washable, cloth-like material made from woven cotton. It derives its name from the use of linseed and soya oils in its preparation (linoleum). Oilcloth was originally made by treating canvas fabric with multiple coats of linseed oil. The cloth was first introduced in France by Emile Jungen in

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Collage of bikini sewing patterns for women

14 Best bikini sewing patterns for women

Wanting to sew the perfect swimwear for the beach or pool? From micro triangle to full coverage with ruching, here are the best bikini sewing patterns for women. Let’s face it – shopping for swimwear is a nightmare. Searching through racks for the perfect style (and in your size too!). Then having to venture to

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Collage of stuffed elephant sewing patterns

Never forget with the best Elephant Sewing Patterns

With their long trunks, big ears, and loping way of walking around, there’s something fascinating about elephants. Whether you’re looking for something to help you remember, or you have a stuffed mouse looking for something to frighten, here are my favourite stuffed elephant sewing patterns: Elephant toy sewing patterns This fabric elephant pattern from RicRac

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Unscrewing the needle when changing a sewing machine needle

How to change a sewing machine needle

Sewing machine needles need to be changed regularly and are a consumable item when sewing. It can be daunting when it’s your first time, but it becomes a quick and easy task after you’ve done it a few times. Here’s when and how to change a sewing machine needle (watch the video or keep scrolling

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Four views of the one Whistler sweater

Love Notions Whistler Sweater sewing pattern review

The Whistler Sweater and Hoodie sewing pattern review from Love Notions is a snuggly winter top with shawl collar and hoodie options. Here’s my review of the shawl collar sweater (watch the video or scroll down for photos and a written review): For my first Whistler Sweater, I decided to sew the shawl collar with

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4 photos of the one Nyoka Crossover Top sewing pattern

Sinclair Patterns Nyoka Top sewing pattern review

The Nyoka Crossover Top and dress sewing pattern by Sinclair Patterns is designed for knit fabrics and has an interesting crossover detail under the bust. It comes with a peplum top and two dress options (fitted and A-line). Here’s my review of the peplum top version (watch the video or scroll down for photos and

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Sewing machine showing the free arm

What is a free arm sewing machine (and when to use it!)

When purchasing a new sewing machine, there are lots of features to consider. One of those is whether to get a free arm sewing machine. Here’s everything you need to know about sewing machine free arms: What is the free arm of a sewing machine? A free arm sewing machine is one where the bed

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Collage of men's sewing pattern covers with text overlay "where to find the best men's sewing patterns"

Where to find the best Indie Men’s Sewing Patterns

Whilst there are lots of indie sewing patterns available for a curvy, feminine physique, it can be difficult to find quality independent pattern companies with a masculine, straight fit. Here are my favourite indie men’s sewing patterns and designers: Wardrobe by Me Wardrobe by Me has some of my favourite indie mens sewing patterns. The

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Fabric with overlay of the back of a pattern envelope and text "all about fabric nap"

Everything you needed to know about Fabric Nap

After you’ve been sewing a while, you might be tempted to explore different types of fabrics. One thing to consider is the direction or nap of a fabric. Here’s everything you need to know about fabric nap. What is nap in sewing? The dictionary definition of nap is: the surface of a piece of cloth such as velvet, consisting of short threads that have been brushed in

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12 Stunning Christmas tree skirt sewing patterns

A Christmas tree skirt is a decorative fabric placed under the Christmas tree. It hides the Christmas tree stand and looks pretty under the tree before all the presents get placed! It’s also a great way to collect up the pine needles if you have a real tree. Whether you’re trying to hide the stand

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DIY Felt Mistletoe tutorial : Quick and Easy Christmas crafts

Kisses under the mistletoe – it’s a holiday tradition, but what if you can’t find any mistletoe? Make your own DIY felt mistletoe, of course! I don’t need an excuse to kiss my (not-so) baby girl, but a mistletoe hairclip adds a bit of fun to her holiday outfits. Whether you make a hairclip or ornament, here’s

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Bottle of white vinegar, spray bottle and iron sitting on creased fabric

How to remove fold marks from fabric

That fold line on a bolt of quilting cotton can be so stubborn. You can press and steam to your heart’s content and that line will NOT go away. Today’s tip is all about how to remove fold marks from fabric (and stubborn creases too!). Watch the video or scroll down to read my tips:

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Sweetest Christmas Angel sewing patterns

What do you put at the top of your Christmas tree – a star or an angel? It’s always been an angel in my family. Whatever you prefer, there’s always room for an angel as part of your Christmas decorations. Here’s a great collection of Christmas angel sewing patterns, from ornaments to dolls and tree

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Cute Sewing Pattern Weights | Gifts for Sewists

Don’t waste time pinning patterns to your fabric (which damages the fabric). Save time by holding the fabric and patterns in position with these cute pattern weights. They’re also a great gift ideas for people who sew! This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase from these links, Threadistry may receive a small commission at no

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Santa Claus patterns to sew

We’re heading into the festive season and I’m always looking for ways to add to my holiday decor. Father Christmas plays a big part in our Christmas traditions, so I love the idea of sewing up a Father Christmas doll pattern for the kids to play with (and me to enjoy seeing him sitting underneath

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