Show off those guns with Men’s Tank Top sewing patterns

Whether you’re looking for an undershirt or a singlet for working out (and showing off those guns!), here are the best men’s tank top sewing patterns. The Muscle Up Tank sewing pattern from Greenstyle Creations has dropped armholes, a narrowed back and an optional hood. It’s a great option for working out! The Rocky Men’s tank sewing pattern from Sinclair

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Fabric Marking Tools for perfect sewing!

After you’ve cut out your sewing patterns, the next step is to transfer the pattern markings. This is an important step in making sure your sewing project comes together perfectly. Let’s find out all about fabric marking tools! Quick tip: always test your fabric marking tool on a scrap of fabric before you start. Different fabrics can react

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Sewing Clips vs Pins: which should I use (and when)?

While sewing pins have been around for hundreds of years, there’s a new kid on the block – sewing clips. With every change, there is a debate of whether out-school is best or is the new thing an improvement. Sewing clips vs pins – which is better? When should you use clips? When should you

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14 Ideas for How to Get Your “Sew-Jo” Back

Do you go through periods where you just stop sewing? You love sewing and have a million projects you want to make, but just can’t bring yourself to sew anything. You look at your fabric stash and patterns, and nothing inspires. You know once you start sewing, you’ll love it, but still… nothing. You’ve lost

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Rhapsody Blouse sewing pattern by Love Notions

Today I’m reviewing the Rhapsody Blouse sewing pattern for women from Love Notions, made with the trumpet sleeve. Check it out! It’s been a long time between sewing pattern reviews (although I have a whole lot sewn up, ready to share!). Today, it’s the Rhapsody Blouse for women from Love Notions:

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Cute Sewing Patterns to make you smile

In challenging times, sometimes you just need a cute sewing pattern to make you smile. Here are my favourite adorable sewing projects. These days, I’m looking for distraction, searching for something to make me smile and take my mind off the events of the world. Sewing is a great way to keep myself busy, and

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Men’s shorts sewing patterns | Sewing for Men

It’s always more of a challenge finding sewing patterns for men, so I’m here to help. Whether you’re looking for cargo shorts, something more casual or sporty, or a fun pair of boardshorts to wear to the beach, here are the best men’s shorts sewing patterns. My husband lives in shorts on the weekend. It doesn’t

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Awesome Backpack Sewing Patterns

Whether it’s lugging a laptop and books to school (or the office) or using as a daypack on vacation, everyone should have a functional and practical backpack. Add your own personal touch and make the perfect rucksack for you with this collection of backpack sewing patterns. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make

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Stuffed Dog Patterns

As I was sitting here, searching for the best stuffed dog patterns, I’ve had the song “Dogs are the best people” by The Fauves stuck in my head (and I have no idea when the last time I heard that song was!). My son loves a dog plushie. I have no idea how many are

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Winter Warmers: Women’s Hoodie Sewing Patterns

The word hoodie brings to mind a teenage boy, hood up, slouching in the dark, up to no good. But seriously, everyone needs a hoodie! On a cold day, pull the hood up to keep warm (or keep your hair dry when you forget your umbrella!). Now, on some days a bulky over-sized hoodie is

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Ultimate Gift Guide: 100+ Gifts for Sewers

Are you looking for gifts for people who sew? Or are you the one who sews and are looking for ideas for what to add to your Christmas or birthday list? I’ve rounded up the best gifts for sewers (that’s sew-ers, not the pipes that carry, ahem, drainage water and waste matter!). You’ll never be

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How to sew a pot holder: sewing for beginners

A pot holder or hot pad is a great sewing project for beginners. It uses only straight stitches, and is a practical item that everyone can use. Add a personal touch to your kitchen with this easy sewing tutorial. Watch the video or keep scrolling for the step-by-step tutorial for how to sew a pot

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Adorable Boy Doll Sewing Patterns

There are lots of cute girly doll toys and patterns out there, but what about the boys? Whether the little boy in your life wants to play make-believe with a toy that looks just like him, or your daughter wants a little boy for her girly dolls to play with, here are the most adorable

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Felt-Easter-Eggs (5)

Quick and Easy Easter Craft: Felt Easter Eggs

Looking for a quick and easy Easter craft to decorate your home? Sew up some felt Easter eggs to brighten your home (without filling it with chocolate!). Do you decorate your home for Easter? I don’t really decorate my home during the year, other than for Christmas, mostly because I don’t have much space to

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computerized-stitch-length (1)

Stitch Length: everything you need to know

When you first start sewing, stitch length is not something you really think about. You just start sewing with the default stitch length, whether that’s programmed in a computerised machine, or whatever the dial is set on for a mechanical one. Is that a bad thing? Probably not! Depending on what you are sewing, it’s

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